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Really loved this. I got on a Linklater kick about a year ago and spent the better part of the last year wondering how to capture his off-the-cuff/naturalistic/rhythmic dialog in a game but could never figure anything out that worked the way I wanted. But this is such a smart way to center the rhythm and chemistry of a conversation! Not knowing exactly what a character would say or how letting them speak would effect the conversation also created this beautiful, subtle tension around my place in the discussion that really worked. Anyways really wonderful game, and excited for the full release! :)

(P.S. for some reason on my xbox controller I had to press "select" and "start" instead of "left-" and "right-bumper," but maybe that's just a weird quirk with my desktop lol)


Thanks so much for the kind words and the heads up about the controller issue! It's so cool to hear other people are thinking about the same design question I have been racking my brain with over the last year :D